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YOGA is a spiritual discipline that frees the mind from the constraints of the body through mastering movements, rhythm and breathing. Combining serenity and muscle-building, you will work towards finding harmony between your body, mind and spirit. Different postures, combining stretches, bends and twists will aid spine flexibility, as well as exercising your joints and muscles.

The ideal fitness class for:

  • unwinding and relaxation
  • improving flexibility
  • relieving back and joint problems
  • promoting all-round better health


Fitness level required:

  • YOGA lessons are accessible to everyone.
  • The movements are simple and do not require particular experience.
  • Classes adapted for pregnant women and senior citizens.

Yoga Option:

It offers access to every Yoga class. It must be subscribed as a subscription only or simultaneously with a 3 month or 1 year membership. Classes are submitted to prior booking.


1 class Adult 22 € Book / Purchase online
1 class Fitness memberships 12 € Book / Purchase online
1 class Liberty pass 19.80 € Book / Purchase online
1 year Subscription 500€
3 months Subscription 200€

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