Gentle relaxation 55 minutes Included in the subscription


BODYBALANCE™ combines exercises from yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. Controlled breathing combined with a structured series of stretches, movements and postures create a work-out that plunges your body into a state of harmony and equilibrium. Take some time out for yourself to feel strong, serene, and ready to take on the stresses and strains of day-to-day life. Ideal for improving your physical and mental well-being.

The ideal fitness class for:

  • Improving joint flexibility and movement extension
  • Improving abdominal strength
  • Improving cardio-vascular function
  • Burning calories
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Creating a long-lasting sensation of well-being and calm
  • Re-centering your mind and taking your consciousness to another level by controlling your breathing


 Required fitness level:

  • BODYBALANCE classes are accessible to everyone.
  • The movements are simple and do not require any particular experience.
  • Classes adapted for pregnant women and senior citizens.

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