Dance 55 minutes


BODYJAM is a cardio class that introduces you to the freedom and fun of dancing. A surprising mixture of superb dance moves brought to life by great, up-to-the-minute tunes, you'll work up a sweat and enjoy yourself. It's the height of "cardio fun" for everyone who enjoys being active. A great combination of burning calories, getting into shape and learning to dance.

The ideal fitness class for:

  • learning new movements or discovering dancing
  • burning calories
  • improving your coordination
  • giving you a unique form of self-expression


Required fitness level:

BODYJAM™ choreography is simple and there's plenty of time to learn each of the movements. You just need a basic sense of rhythm and a little coordination. Your instructor is available to help you with the style and direction and to give you confidence so you can give the best of yourself. BODYJAM™ is aimed at participants of all fitness levels.


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