Cardio 55 minutes Included in the subscription


BODYCOMBAT™ is an intensive cardio class that's extremely good for releasing tension. This high-energy programme is inspired by martial arts and draws from disciplines as varied as kaPrice, boxing, Taekwondo, Taï Chi and Muay Thai. Burn calories and improve your cardiovascular capacity through kicks, punches, and katas, all to a motivating musical soundtrack.

The ideal fitness class for:

  • improving cardio and lung function
  • toning and sculpting the major muscle groups
  • burning calories
  • improving coordination and agility
  • improving bone density
  • improving posture, core strength and stability

Fitness level required:

BODYCOMBAT™ is suitable for everyone in modePricely good physical shape. As the movements are fairly simple, you'll easily acquire the required coordination skills.


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