60 minutes

MOVE & DANCE TEENS is designed for young people between the ages of 7 and 15 years. The name of the game is to have fun and get moving to a mixture of different styles of modern dance. This course will introduce teens to the joys and freedom of dancing to the best tunes of the day. 

The ideal activity for :

  • improving coordination and synchronisation
  • improving physical condition
  • learning to dance
  • developing self-confidence

Fitness level required :

The choreography for MOVE AND DANCE classes is simple and accessible to all young people. They will learn the moves gradually as they progress through the classes. They just need a basic sense of rhythm and a little coordination.

  • 7-9 yrs, Wednesday 10.30pm : children have fun and move around to lively music, developing coordination and synchronisation skills.
  • 10-12 yrs, Wednesday pm : a combination of different dance styles to modern popular music


A range of entertainment and an end-of-year demonstration are also planned !

Year program september 13th to june 27th (except during holidays)

  • 2nd quarter: january 10th to march 28th
  • 3rd quarter: april 4th to june 27th > subscriptions start on March 19th

Subscriptions available.

Unit sale on vitam.fr or at Leisure desk.

Quarter sales only at subscription office.


Per session 7-10 yrs 12 € Subscribe online
Per session 11-15 yrs 14 € Subscribe online
Per quarter 7-10 yrs 115 €
Per quarter 11-15 yrs 130 €
Per year 7-10 yrs 300 €
Per year 7-10 yrs 345 €

Have questions? Contact us: +33 (0)4 50 84 66 66 or send us a message